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GDPR – data processing and data subject requests

GDPR is probably one of the best legislative changes the world had experienced in terms of information security and privacy.

A lot of companies are still far away from properly protecting their users data and can see this in data breaches and big hacks around the world.

In business, proper security and privacy practices usually means an added cost to the license to operate. It is usually something they do not truly believe in, even though it can mean big costs or even going out of business.

As part of my independent Security and Privacy research, I frequently stumble upon companies like those mentioned above. As a response, I create a report detailing what risks are they exposing themselves and their users too. If they fail to take it into consideration, I will file a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.

These cases are listed below :

Some cases and complaints can lead up to unexpected conclusions, like

Personal Finance in a Digital World

It’s more easier than ever to do any kind of financial operation. Transferring money to others can be done in a second, international transfers can now be done in a matter of minutes rather than days, paying your bills or investing can be done with a single click.

At the same it, It’s also more easier than ever to spend your money or to even get robbed of your money without even realizing.

The following articles detail information security risks around financials. These include tips, my own setup and my way of thinking when it comes to mitigating these risks.

Personal finances


If you are a high net-worth individual that has his/her wealth spread across various online/offline methods, you and your wealth will benefit to be better informed about online risks. It goes the same, even if you are an average net-worth individual – the only difference is that you have less to lose, but that is still a lot for you. Reach out now for a free security assessments for investors of any net-worth size.

Information Security and Privacy for all

Information Security and Privacy is a not-very-well-understood topic that annoys people. It hard to understand, it’s technical and above all, it makes our life slower because of restrictions, policies, passwords, one time codes and whoever knows what else comes next.

The following articles aim to make Information Security and Privacy more accessible to anybody. You don’t need to be a tech wiz to understand these concepts or even to apply them.

Information Security and Privacy for techies

Information Security and Privacy down to technical specifics. Includes research and analysis, projects and more.


My take-aways from running a hosting business and from hosting my own web projects.

General tech

These can be various issues that I’ve solved and documented, or just something interesting i did that I know i will need again in the future.


Education related

This blog exists since I was studying, thus some assignments, events from back then will be listed below