My bash scripts

I’m currently running a dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 but i only use Windows for gaming purposes. Since i got in touch with Linux (almost a year ago) i wanted something automated that would install everything i want, tweak stuff, disable stuff.

Yesterday i remebered that i want this and i started on some scripts. One of my teachers said that, and i quote “bash-scripting is for masochists” and i kinda agree, but i wanted to use a linux standard tool for this.

My main ideas would be to:

– disable the guest login account (DONE)

– use only Googles DNS servers (DONE)

– remove old kernels (DONE)

– change the default bluetooth name (ubuntu-0) to something else (DONE)

– add repositories

– install all my favourite software

– store some aliases and make bash_history record eveything on the spot (DONE)

I also need some iptables scripts that would apply some rules on the spot

– block everything except stuff i use like thunderbird, ubuntu-one, SSH and VNC to my home router, web-surfing (of course this includes allowing DNS, ping, HTTPS) (DONE)

– block some common attacks (DONE)

– block certain IPs (DONE)

Something else?

I am aware of the existence of macchanger , a package that can be found in the Ubuntu repositories, and i also used it, but some time ago i wanted to understand the basics of bash-scripting. Sooo, i made my own script that would change your MAC, which can be found here.

The scripts for any of my finished ideas can be found on my github (and the DONE links).