Spreadsheet ### error

I ran upon a strange error in an Excel spreadsheet the other day – 4 digit numbers are displayed as a “###” . Even more strange is the fact that i do no had this problem on another sheet in the document. Clearly, the way the cell or the sheet is being formatted doesn’t recognize a 4 digit number. I initially thought it’s a library or an operating system issue. After i’ve changed the format of the file from .xls to .ods (libre office) i had the same problem.


As you can see below i have the following number formating options for my cells:



I simply did a workaround on it and changed the number formating option to “General”. You can do that by right-clicking on a cell and selecting “Format cells”. The top option for number format  is “General” both for Excel (Microsoft) and Calc (Libre). If you know the real solution to the problem just leave a comment.