My internship – thoughts and retrospective

In the 4th semester of my AP degree programme, we were all required to find a company where we could have our internship. I wasn’t sure what i really wanted (as always) so i decided that any IT related company can be good. It turned out good and i have been accepted by a small web development company, based in Bucharest, Romania, called End Soft Design. Be sure to check them out at 

My 2 main projects that i have worked with:

Magazinga – online retail shop for imported goods from England and Germany. I have used WordPress and an in-house e-commerce plugin. The shop can be seen at


– BrowseHound – online SEO and security scanner for websites. This has also been the subject for my final subject. I have used various APIs, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax and styled everything with CSS. The beta version can be seen on


The team is relatively young and full of energy. I’ve felt that from the beginning. I had no problem accomodating and getting to know everyone in the team. This was practicaly my first job in the IT field and it gave me a preview of what my future job can be. I’ve learned the basics of web developing, online marketing, improved my web programming skills and learned a lot about WordPress.

Overall, it was a great experience that opened me to numerous posibilities. I also had a goodbye party:

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