A new iphone app – Never-Bored

Some friends that are taking their bachelor degree in Web development have started the year strong with an Iphone app. It’s not a school project, it’s just something for themselves. I found the idea interesting, so that’s the reason for this post.

I have never been an Apple fan.I have always prefered Android phones over Iphones. I could have used an Iphone to be one of the first beta-testers of the app but they’ve handled that already. 

Never-Bored – like the name says, it’s an app made for killing time. It also has some educative value added. Instead of killing time on facebook why not kill it learning some quick words in other languages? This is the “Learn” feature of the app. Besides that, it has the Read, Watch and Play features.

Better yet, they made a video showcasing the app :


It’s their first version, so that’s the reason for the limited games and languages. They will most likely release a newer version soon.
Check them out on Facebook  , Youtube and of course Itunes. You will most likely hear from them again.