Fast way to setup a Windows PC

I’ve always spent a loooot of time on installing Windows. Not only for me, but for everybody that i’ve fixed their PCs or just “cleaned” them a bit. I had to download a Windows iso file, then burn a DVD everytime (i had like over 50 Windows 7 DVDs that are all over the globe probably) and i had to waste time installing different softwares.

After some years of doing this, i’ve came up with the portable solution. It’s relying on an internet connection so the PC should have drivers that Windows 7 or 8 can recognize without any problems. If not, get the manufacturers CDs or just get them from the internet on a different PC.

Burn a USB with Windows

Get yourself an 8gb usb stick or bigger. Install WinToFlash on your PC, get a Windows iso and burn it to the USB. Download WinToFlash from their website.

Install all kinds of programs with one click

Now you have your Windows on the USB stick and installed on somebodys PC. If there is an internet connection then is the place to browse to. Click the apps you need to get and download the installer. Simple as that! If have known this years ago, it would had saved me a lot of hours.

No drivers?

You may encounter some driver problems with some PCs. Tough luck. The fastest way for me to deal with this is to get my network connection running (get the driver from the manufacturers CDs, or download them from another) then install Driver Genius. With one click you’ll have all the drivers downloaded and installed.