Setting up a school library with OpenBiblio

I’m hanging a lot at a school laboratory, called the Health Games Lab, where there are a lot of networking devices, servers, cables and anything you can imagine for a technical school. I talked with some people from the school and i’m responsable for all the devices in here in terms of inventory, organizing, labeling and everything related to it.

This was done before, but all the work from then was lost and i have to redo it. The software of choice, suggested by a teacher, is OpenBiblio. OpenBiblio is an open-source automated library system written in PHP.

I was pretty amazed when i found that there are country-based communities that use OpenBiblio.

I made a github repository to post modified code and instructions on how i installed and modified OpenBiblio to suit the schools requirements.


This is the equipment i used. A Dell PC, a Zebra GX430t label printer and a Motorola barcode scanner ( you know the ones that go beep in shops and stuff). Check out my repository and the other related links to get more info on OpenBiblio and OpenBiblio communities.

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