After or during some projects, i realised that i need a place to get certain files from. This need becomes even more important where there is no graphical interface to just go and download everything i needed. The solution for this is a resource page and folder where i upload scripts and configuration files, related to my projects, posts or work.

ACLs / IP lists / All kinds of lists


Automatic snapshots of DigitalOcean droplets –  simple bash script that powers off a DigitalOcean droplet and takes a snapshot

Gateway rules – traffic handling settings needed to turn a PC into a gateway

Automated database backup and restoration bash scripts (if the files seem weird or outdated check the github download link)

Startup script to load a bridged interface – makes a bridge (br0) between eth0 and eth1 at each boot

Send a HTML mail using Googles SMTP – python script which uses the credentials for a gmail account to send an email. Can also have attachments.

Processing PCAP files through BRO – automated processing of a folder containing PCAP files through BRO

Processing PCAP files through Snort – automated processing of a folder containing PCAP files through Snort

Importing BRO logs into ELSA – python script that imports BRO generated logs in ELSA

Creating test sensors in SO – bash script that creates testing interfaces in Security Onion – as in having the appropriate files in the appropriate new directories.

Changing the default gateway – switching the default route between the current and the other interface. See the related article for more info.

Connecting to WIFI WPA network – script used to connect to a  WPA / WPA2 encrpyed WIFI network


Snort rule generator for Windows – founded while i was researching on Snort rules, check the original description and video from the author here

Config files

tftpboot folder – standard tfptboot folder that I use for PXE booting. More info in the FOG post

Puppet starting configurations – more info can be found in the related blogpost on starting out with Puppet

PulledPork configuration file – you can use it as an example config file or when trying to install Snorby and Snort.

WvDial configuration file – used to make a 3G USB modem work on a RaspberryPi 

USB-ModeSwitch configuration file –  used to make a 3G USB modem work on a RaspberryPi 

Connecting to WIFI WPA network config – template file to be used with “Connecting to WIFI WPA network” script ; must be modified with the SSID of the wireless network and its password


Project Report Template – AP degree – v1 – docx – standard report template that i’ve used for my AP degree reports