Setting up a school library with OpenBiblio

I’m hanging a lot at a school laboratory, called the Health Games Lab, where there are a lot of networking devices, servers, cables and anything you can imagine for a technical school. I talked with some people from the school and i’m responsable for all the devices in here in terms of inventory, organizing, labeling and everything related to it.

This was done before, but all the work from then was lost and i have to redo it. The software of choice, suggested by a teacher, is OpenBiblio. OpenBiblio is an open-source automated library system written in PHP.

I was pretty amazed when i found that there are country-based communities that use OpenBiblio. Continue reading “Setting up a school library with OpenBiblio”

Professional Special Subject – w1 log

As part of my current education, i have to specialise and gain more knowledge in my AP degree field, which is IT Networking with everything related – IT security, python programming, php programming, linux etc.

My subject is – Network monitoring solution for small/medium size companies.

Reason of choosing – an increase in hack attempts targeted on small/medium size company networks all over the world (see links below)

Fields and sub-fields  – IT security, IT Networking, IDS/IPS, open-source security tools Continue reading “Professional Special Subject – w1 log”

Empower to the people, a FabLab event

I’m going to an event at our school on the 9th of December 2013.

Invited will be people from FabLabs all over Denmark (there are 13) a professor from MIT and the director of FabLab Barcelona. And let’s not forget free breakfast.

Click the picture for registration and more info

Huawei Ascend Y210

As i mentioned in my last post, i had some battery problems with my old phone so i decided to buy a new one. I wanted something cheap, that will meet my needs:

  1. screen a little bit bigger than 240X320
  2. longer lasting battery
  3. usual smartphone-related activities – call, message, taking pictures, videos, using calendar and ocasionally browsing.

I found out that ElGiganten were having Huawei Ascend Y210 for sale, for 300dkk (~40euros). I said this has to be it. I read some review so i knew what to expect. The only thing i can complain about is the RAM issue (256mb)

Things to complain about: too little RAM (256mb) which makes a lot of apps hang but not for long. After quiting an app like Gmail or Youtube it usually needs several seconds to load up all the items on screen. Facebook and Skype won’t even run on it.

Things to be happy about: it meets my above-mentioned requirements, battery lasts for 5 days on normal usage (no wifi) and the screen gives me a totally different sensation than my last phone.

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Swollen smartphone battery

My Samsung Galaxy Y started acting really weird in the last weeks. It suddenly shuts off without any good reason, even when battery was almost full. I googled it really quick and the first 2 explications/solutions were:

– battery is damaged, get a new one

– it just needs a factory reset

I was completely sure that something happened to the battery, but i wasn’t expecting this (a swollen smartphone battery). When i opened the case to give it a look, i’m seeing that the battery has a new shape. A swollen-rounded shape. Wtf? Now i understand everything. Because of the new shape, it didn’t fit properly in the back so it was always moving. Besides that, it was clearly damaged and reasons for this are: Continue reading “Swollen smartphone battery”