OpenBiblio blurred barcodes

I’ve mentioned that i’ve set up the schools library using OpenBiblio. Everything was working, barcodes were printed, but their quality was questionable. (the text and barcodes were blurred – as in like the printer was shaking when it was printing)

We were sure that the printer is capable of doing a good job , as it did before. When i was generating reports using Firefox as a browser, the PDF would be opened within the browser where i would print it. The resulting print was with the blurred lines. When i was generating reports using Chromium as a browser, the PDF would be downloaded – so i would print directly from the file, but i got a total different result, as you can see in the picture:

big small barcodes

I’ve played a lot with the print settings in Firefox when i first installed the system but i didn’t realized that the settings weren’t the same when i printed a file. I checked the Page Setup tab in the printing area, where i saw this:incorrect-print-settingsSo , i was actually printing 6 labels of 2X3 inches on a 11X8.5 inches paper. Hmmm. I’ve set the correct settings:

correct-print-settingsNow the labels are printed crystal-clear.

Conclusion – check your print settings (all of them) before jumping to other conclusions.