Health Games Lab Administrator

I mentioned in an earlier post that i’m responsable with a laboratory at school and everything related to it – devices, cables, organizing, labeling etc. What is Health Games lab? Well, it’s lab belonging to EAL (Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt) located on Ejlskovsgade 3 in Odense, Denmark.

The original idea for “health games” came from an interesting concept that combines technology and patient rehabilitation. You can find more info on this website dedicated to Health Games, here in Denmark. Some of the schools former students made some cool stuff, including a kinect-version of PacMan. You can find a video here. Other students just used the lab and the equipment for their own projects, like i did.

Speaking of equipment, there are a lot of cool stuff in here so i taught i should share them.

Some of the monitors, PCs and servers

servers and monitors


Cables and cables. This was the fastest and efficient solution to organize them.  If you have other suggestions, leave a comment.

cablesRouters, hubs, switches, graphic cards, Kinects and all kind of cool devices.


hubs switches routers

And a part of some students projects. It includes improvised IR Pen, customised glove for Kinect recognition, cantennas, IR Glasses and a smoke screen maker. You might recognize the cantennas from here 🙂 .

student devices