Adblock not working

I’m using Chrome, which belongs to the daddy of internet ads, so it’s probably understandable why Adblock Plus is probably not working sometimes. Main issues:

  • video ads on YT sometimes don’t get blocked
  • image based ads sometimes don’t get blocked

Solutions (that worked for me)

  • deactivate / activate Adblock plus in the Chrome extensions

adblock activate

  • install it again from Google App Store in chrome

People (including me) have been confronting a lot with this problem, so if the above solutions don’t work for you, check out an oficial post from the Adblock team –


I get bothered by the same issues – ads not being blocked in Chrome, and activating/deactivating/reinstalling doesn’t help. I managed to find a workaround though, and it’s very simple. I’ve installed Adblock and Adblock Plus at the same time. They’re running great and i don’t see any issues.  On youtube they seem to be blocking a lot, as you can see in the picture. The normal Adblock is blocking a bit more than Adblock Plus.