Swollen smartphone battery

My Samsung Galaxy Y started acting really weird in the last weeks. It suddenly shuts off without any good reason, even when battery was almost full. I googled it really quick and the first 2 explications/solutions were:

– battery is damaged, get a new one

– it just needs a factory reset

I was completely sure that something happened to the battery, but i wasn’t expecting this (a swollen smartphone battery). When i opened the case to give it a look, i’m seeing that the battery has a new shape. A swollen-rounded shape. Wtf? Now i understand everything. Because of the new shape, it didn’t fit properly in the back so it was always moving. Besides that, it was clearly damaged and reasons for this are:

– leaving my phone to charge all night which leads to overheating ( why would i worry about this, when these new phones should be designed to prevent this from happening?)

– droping the phone too often

– keeping it in a too warm envoirnment (it gets hot in pockets, my phone kinda let me know about this)

swollen battery

The quality of the picture isn’t that good, but i think the way i’m holding and trying to press the battery down is visible. Because of the rounded shape in the middle and in one head, it just didn’t fit anymore.

Ok, so what now? I already got a new phone, but why throw this one out? I found this battery and i’m going to give it a shot. It’s really cheap, so if it doesn’t work, i’ll just lose almost 5$. I’ll be back with updates after i get it.


I decided to buy a battery and a charging station for my Galaxy Y . It fits well and for almost the same price as the battery alone i also got a usb charger, like you can see in the link. I was reluctant at first, with the chinese battery but i had no surprises so far.