Empower to the people – the event

I wrote in a post about this event that’s going to be held at our school today. Well, today from 9:00 to 16:00 i was there and in the FabLab.

victor-alexandru truica

Main subjects discused (follow the links each bullet point for more info):

  • Fabrication (FabLab/Makerspace) history
  • Fablabs/Makerspaces in Denmark – check it out on the Makers of Denmark
  • Education benefits (discussion between a just in case type education – like schools nowadays and the just in time type of learning – fablab communities) and learning oportunities
  • The global FabLab/Makerspace hype – or the 3rd industrial revolution
  • Making Living Sharing – a FabLab world tour documentary

  • Online repository for 3D sketches and designs for the 3D printers/laser cutters
  • Thinking globaly, producing localy – a way of thinking where knowledge is shared globaly (with the aid of the internet and globalised data) and produced localy (with local resources and manpower, without the cost of imports and traveling)
  • An overview on organising all the FabLabs around the world. Prof. Neil Gershenfeld from MIT spoke about the thinking behind such a global initiative, and how better oportunities will be for individual labs if the are grouped under one roof.
  • Pushing the idea of FabLab further than just a lab – FabAcademy, FabCity
  • Projects from FabLabs around the world (Tomas Diez presented some nice projects of FabLab Barcelona)



cook an atmosphere

This quote i enjoyed the most 🙂 Basically, this whole FabLab idea isn’t just about creating cool and useful stuff, it’s also about having fun while you do that. For other (real) pictures and probably a video check out the official website of FabLab Innovation.