Ubuntu 12.04 desktop hang because of gnome-session

I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 and i’m using Gnome 3 instead of the default Unity. I like the Debian interface¬†much more than Unity. Anyway, every once in a while, when i boot up my laptop and after i log in, everything hangs. In other words, the wallpaper loads up fine and the menu bar also but wherever i click or whatever i try to do, it does not work. I can easily recognize this by the network icon, which looks like my networks adapters are disabled. Continue reading “Ubuntu 12.04 desktop hang because of gnome-session”

An interesting way of involving students in educational “upgrade”

Today was a bit different. We had a round-up with the guys from the Automotive Engineering department for some brainstorming sessions and fictive interviewing that had the purpose of generating some input for one of the educations “upgrading” projects. In other words, they have involved us (by getting some suggestions, wishlists, requirments) in an original way. Continue reading “An interesting way of involving students in educational “upgrade””

Visit to HCA Airport and Lindo Industrial Park

Today, we visited an airport and an industrial park, in relation to our Product Development education. Again, i’m impressed with the activities that the school has been putting on lately, like the company crawl in Svendborg. It was a great opportunity for networking (as in business/social and not wires), job/internship hunting and industrial insights.¬† Continue reading “Visit to HCA Airport and Lindo Industrial Park”

Company crawl in Svendborg

I’m really impressed with EAL and SDU , these days, as they’re organizing all kind of interesting events. One of them was the “company crawl” in Svendborg, a small town 30 km distance from Odense. The plan was to visit 3 companies, have a presentation from them about the way they are doing product development, take company tours, get some advice on how to structure our CV and the way we approach a company (job/internship posibilities) and last but not least, a town visit. Continue reading “Company crawl in Svendborg”

Hospital Wifi security review

I managed to land in Denmarks second largest hospital, the Odense University Hospital (refered as OUH in danish). Since i’ve been informed that i will have to stay here for several days, i began to accomodate myself (networking wise as in doing my first wifi security review). There is only one free network available for patient/guest access, and several other for staff usage. Most users wouldn’t be interested in the deeper information about the networks, but i was so i started digging a bit into it. Brace yourself, it’s a long one. Continue reading “Hospital Wifi security review”

Meet Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund Skype Co-founder

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in an event where Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Skype, were the main “attraction”. Very inspiring guys and a very interesting event. At least for their part, which lasted one hour. The rest of the event was held in danish. Didn’t expected it, but it’s kinda understandable since it was an event for students in Odense – which most are danish (doh). Continue reading “Meet Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund Skype Co-founder”