Open Source Days 2014

As the name would imply, it is an event for Open Source users, developers and tech enthusiasts. It was also the first place I’ve been to, where there were more PCs running a variants of Linux than Windows machines. I’m still not sure about how many (if any) Windows machines were there.

Unfortunately, the event wasn’t as big as the previous ones, due to staff issues. Surprisingly, it is not a financial problem (the usual when concerning such causes) but a lack of volunteers problem. If, by any chance, there are people that would invest some of their free time for something like this, do contact the organizers.


The event took place at Symbion, a startup office building in Copenhagen. Yes, the picture above is from the entrance.To keep it short, the presentations were about:

  • snowdenphone – encrypting communication for democratic activists in Burma
  • a virtualization alternative on linux – containers
  • CPU architecture from Mill Computing
  • SVG (scalable vector graphics)
  • SailfishOS and the company behind it

Apart from the technical stuff, there was a lot of room for networking and just having a good time with like minded people and somedanish-specific draught Tuborg. Looking forward for the next edition (if there is going to be one).