How to root Huawei Ascend Y210

About a few weeks ago i mentioned that i bought a Huawei Ascend Y210, one of the cheapest Android smartphones out there. This post is about how i rooted it and how you can also do it. I tried several methods which simply didn’t work – you can read about that at the end of the post. The method that worked for me was by using Kingoapp, after running over a random forum post regarding the Y210 rooting process.

What to do before 

Let’s start with my exact version of the phone so that you know if it’s going to work on yours. You can find it by going to  Settings and then scrolling down and click on About Phone. At the bottom you can see the Build Number.


As we can see, i have a Huawei Y210 -0100 model with the build number of Y210-0100V100R001EURCODB853.

Make sure you have USB Debugging and Unknown sources enabled. If you don’t know what i’m talking about just go to Settings – Application and here you check “Unknown sources” . Scroll a bit down and go to Development and check USB debugging.



What to install 

Normally you should have the Huawei Android Phones USB drivers installed, but KingoApp will handle that for you if you don’t have them. Download it from their official website and install it. (yes, it’s a Windows app). The GUI is pretty intuitive, so just follow their instructions. After succesfully rooting it, the app will also test if its rooted – you will have to grant permision to do that, so keep an eye on the phone while it’s rooting it. If everything worked, you should see the folowing:


What didn’t work

I tried using SRS One Click root, it tried everything that it could but it just didn’t work, even though it’s on their supported list.


OneClick CWM Installer just hanged while displaying the “< waiting for device >” message.



I’ve noticed that i’m not the only one who tried these methods and failed. Most likely they didn’t work because:

  • i didn’t had all the necesarry usb drivers installed (kingo installed them afterwards)
  • unknown USB connectivity issue (it happens – thats why it’s a good ideea to plug-unplug your cables to see that it’s actually working)
  • software issue – even though SRS supports my build, maybe there’s a small difference between my Y210 and others due to production date or something like that.

These are just unqualified guesses that, i hope, can solve your problem. If not, try Kingo, it worked for me.