Seagate Backup Plus 1TB External HDD

I always needed a way to backup my data that was at my hand. Lately, i’m relying a lot on cloud backups but that backfired several times (issues with syncing on multiple devices) so i’ve decided to buy an external HDD.

seagate external hdd 1 tb

Price is always a thing (who doesn’t like cheap stuff?) but this time i didn’t really get it on a deal, just average or maybe slight below average – i got it from ElGiganten for 590kr (70euros). I was really curious if i could have got a better deal if i had bought it from home (Romania), since here in Denmark it’s a tax heaven. I was surprised to find out that i could have got it for the same price or even more expensive.

The reason for the “backup plus” name is that it comes with a backup software that you can install and manage automatic backups. I didn’t use and i’ll most likely not use it in the future because i’m also intending to use it with linux and guess what – no linux version of the software. That is probably the only con so far, but since it doesn’t affect me that much i’ll just disregard it.

What i like about it

  • small/lightweight (around 200g) – perfect to carry around even in your pocket. You can barely feel the difference between it and a smartphone – it’s a bit thicker than your usual smartphone
  • USB 3 connectivity – this is clearly a must for a gadget like this. It also comes with FireWire 800 or Thunderbolt connectivity , but the adapters are sold separately. I have no USB 3 ports on my current laptop, but when copying files from the laptop to the HDD i got a stable 30mb/s copy speed. It usualy starts writing at 90mb/s and when it copies large amount of data (over 10gb) the average is somewhere near 25mb/s.
  • SATA adaptability – if you take its “head” of you can plug it in any SATA HDD. I managed to find its utility when one of my roomates laptop crashed and he needed to save stuff from the internal HDD.

seagate backup plus 1tb


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