Impressions from Karrieredagene 2014

Like i was saying 2 weeks ago, today i went to this carrer day event in Odense. I came right from the beginning, having the chance to experience Layer 1 problems with the name tag printing. Of course it was not working and you had to register again and try other several label printers, but i finally got it.


The best thing there, was that you had the chance to get an insight on how companies are structured and which key people you should address to. Most of the companies though, had representatives from the HR departments and very few had from specific key departments like information security or infrastructure. E-mail addresses are also good.

With such events there are always nice give-aways. For instance, check out Energinets USB stick below, with a video presenting their brand . Apparently, you can buy it really cheap from chinese suppliers.


Apart from all the companies present and all the free stuff they gave away, participants had the oportunity to :

  • get profesional CV photos for free and get them sent to your e-mail
  • get a free on-the-spot review on your CV

Overall, a pretty nice event. Be sure to check it out in the other cities.