How to install Eclipse with Git, Bash, PHP, Python support

Eclipse is an integrated development environment or an IDE. In other words these pieces of software are playgrounds for programmers, having all sorts of useful features such as autocomplete, searching entire projects, syntax highlighting and so on. I have been introduced to this during my Python courses.

There was a mass frustration in the first hours of Python, because everybody had to have a problem with the Eclipse and plugin installation. In this post i’m going explain how i installed Eclipse with all the plugins that i need. I usually do Python, Bash and PHP scripting. I need plugins that can provide the necesary features for each of these programming languages. I also use Github to share and version control my code. Continue reading “How to install Eclipse with Git, Bash, PHP, Python support”

Checking and restoring your backup

In a previous article i’ve discussed how i did some regular, encrypted and compressed database backups. It’s good when things are running, but we also have to check if they are running as planned.┬áMaybe nothing bad will happen (to the lucky) to the database you are protecting, but even so, what good are the┬ábackup files for if we don’t know how to restore them when necesary? Continue reading “Checking and restoring your backup”

What do i do after installing Windows 7

I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop again and i wanted to share some minor stuff that i always do after. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like useless (which don’t fit ones needs) stuff and usually finds a way to get rid of them. And this is not only computer related, but also in real life. For instance, why keep 15 lights on in an apartament if nobody is using them? Nevermind, let’s just see the list with all the things i disable after installing Windows 7.

Continue reading “What do i do after installing Windows 7”