Free Security Assessments for Investors

Why ?

Nowadays, investors rely more and more on the internet and technology to manage their funds, assets and portfolios.

Be it NetBanking, crypto-wallets or any of these (relatively) new Fintech initiatives such as Revolut or P2P Lending / Crowdlending platforms – we are simply tied to the internet. And it works, because we can move our funds with one click, or better yet, one swipe.

Lack of understanding of security risks and a information handling hygiene lost investors millions.

An assessment will make you understand the REAL implications and REAL cost of neglecting how you handle information. 

An investor is not necessary somebody that puts millions into properties or stocks. It can be individuals that get the idea with the best investment out there – that of, investing in yourself.

Even if you are or are not an investor, somebody that wants to get into investments or somebody that just wants to educate him or herself on a topic that is relevant regardless of your profession or business – this assessment is for you!

This is a sensitive topic, how could I just share that info with you ?

Trust is crucial in business in security. Even more in security. Even more for a security professional.

I’ve built that trust after advising startups, small-medium size business and high-net-worth individuals on Information Security and Privacy matters for the past 5+ years.

There’s a reason I practice what I preach – I cannot do my job otherwise! Nor can I set an example, nor could I be working with my current and previous employers and clients

Whatever we will ever discuss will remain between us, unless otherwise specified. Nothing sensitive will be discussed without a signed NDA and any other legal documentation you feel that are needed.

Why free ?

We are very dependent on information and technology for our business and day-to-day activities.

At the same time, we are very unaware of it’s implications on the bottom lines and our reputation. 

I’m here to make you understand how you should handle your information and what to expect. 

And it’s for free, because basic information about protecting oneself and ones financial assets should be accessible to anybody. 

What you do next is up to you

No strings attached. No cheezy sales. Pure value. 

Because that’s how I’m contributing to a better and more worry-free world. 

How are We Doing This ?

1-2 hour discussion about your overall business and the information you handle.

But this is complicated subject, is that enough ?

It’s clearly not enough to cover everything. But it’s a good start to give you further pointers to look into on your own.

The purpose of this is to look at your business with a different mindset. An information security mindset which can shed light on critical risks that are bound to materialize.

What Do You Get Out of It?

An Information Security Risk report containing :

  • visual overview of critical information assets 
  • top information security risks for your information assets and financial platforms
  • recommendations on how to proceed from here

To use for :

  • further maintaining and growing your portfolio with a clear idea of the implications and possible costs
  • sleeping well at night, knowing that you know what to do to avoid certain risks from materializing

What you’re probably thinking*

*sample reactions from real conversations with regular investors and high-net-worth individuals throughout the years

I don’t have enough money to be a target, so this does not apply to me.

It does not matter how big or small you are. Nor do you have to be a target. Most attacks are not targeted anyway, you will most likely be one of the fishes caught in the net. 

I’m too busy for this. 

You’re probably busy maintaining your portfolio and growing it. A security incident can ruin all your efforts with a few clicks. 

I already have antivirus and some other security technologies that I’m not sure what they’re called.

Information Security is not just about the technology. Antivirus and security tech is only 1 part of the puzzle. Processes and people also need to be considered and assessed. 

“I use this next-gen crypto-wallet that protects everything”

That’s very good, but how do you how is it ? If you trust the sales-guy that sold to you because it’s the newest and flashiest thing out there, that might not be enough or that might be the newest form of ” snake oil ” [1]

Even if it was that good, what about all of your other assets ? How about the authentication details for your accounts ? Personal data used to verify your identity ? Our data is spread so much that it’s very easy to lose sight of it.

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