RomaniPrinLume.Com – a new web project

I just started RomaniPrinLume.Com – a how-to live “guide” for Romainans outside their borders. There is a big community of romanians living outside of Romania and this website is for them and for those that want to follow their path. This project is something i consider useful and of great value for visitors and users.

The idea came to me when i realized i am asked the same questions by my fellow romanians on how i got here on how did i manage everything.

This is basically the bigger picture, but there are a lot of details that will make it be exactly like its meant to be – a refference for every romanian thats considering moving in another country, and a day-to-day website to use by those that are already out there, abroad.

Currently there is information regarding Denmark and how to establish yourself here, as a romanian. If anybody is interested in participating or helping the project please contact me.

As for technology i’m using WordPress. Currently i’m using the Swift Basic theme, but it’s going to have its own theme as soon as posible.

You can find it and get social at the following links: