The most complete htaccess generator ever

One of the big issues i stumbled upon on web projects is the .htaccess file. One problem is that i never remember the syntax and i always end up googleing them, which usually takes longer than i expect because i always find new stuff to implement. The other is that you can optimize your website / webapp from many point of view, like security and caching.Htaccess generators can be found out there, but none of them are as complete as i want them to be. Therefore I decided to make the most complete htaccess generator ever! “Complete” at least from my own perspective. I also want it to be as descriptive as possible, so that i can find out everything about each separate option. The focus will be clearly on functionality and on the security optimization it can provide. I ‘ll probably think of design later.


I had the script “lying” around for a while. but today i managed to spend an hour on making it safe enough to upload. If you have any design and/or functionality suggestions, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. As time is so restrictive, it might take a while until it’s finished, or at least version 1 is finished. Meanwhile, you can find the 0.1 version in the Tools section or right here.