Raspberry Pi and 3G connectivity from TDC Denmark

I’m doing the network prototyping for my Product Development group project and the plan is to establish 3G connectivity on the RaspberryPi. I’m using a 3G USB Dongle from TDC, the primary ISP in Denmark. The model for the USB is E3131-s2 from Huwaei. Apparently all E3131 models are the same, with a small difference in supported operating frequencies. For the S2 model, it’s limited to 2100/900MHz, as we can see on the producers pageContinue reading “Raspberry Pi and 3G connectivity from TDC Denmark”

Scanamenities workshop

Yesterday we had a one day workshop, where we had the task of generating some concepts for the 3rd generation of soap dispensers from Scanamenities, danish based hotel amenities supplier. Their goals is to approach the US market and become world leader in the field of hotel amenities. According to their founder, they are currently in the top 5 in this above mentioned market. Continue reading “Scanamenities workshop”

Custom laptop battery notifications

Since i bought my laptop, i was concernead of the long-term effects of keeping it plugged in constantly. A lot of people do this and apparently, it shortens the battery life. I wanted an app or a script that could show me the battery notifications that i wanted – notify me when the battery is charged or discharged at a custom level. I think it’s optimal to keep it charged until 90% and not let it discharge below 20%. Since i didn’t find anything that fitted my needs i decided to make my own script. Continue reading “Custom laptop battery notifications”

Networking-student photo session

I was approached by a student doing her internship for the school. She’s doing a booklet that will describe “A day in the life of a Computer science and IT Technology student”. And yes, you guessed it, i’m going to be the (not so) average IT Tech student. The photos have been taken in the Juniper (former Cisco) lab down at Ejlskovsgade 3, Odense. The pictures look like i’m straight advertising for Juniper, but that shouldn’t bother anybody. Continue reading “Networking-student photo session”

Protect against ARP-spoofing

In a previous article i’ve talked about how you can sniff traffic on LAN using ARP. In this article we are going to see how we can prevent our traffic from being sniffed.

ARP-spoofing works because of the big flaw in ARP, which is that of anybody on the network having the posibilty to repsond to ARP-requests. To prevent machines on the network and routers getting confused we must set up static ARP table and/or configure each of the machines separately. Continue reading “Protect against ARP-spoofing”

Understanding the Snort architecture

Snort first started as a packet sniffer. Another common example of a packet sniffer is tcpdump, or its graphical big brother Wireshark. In order to evolve into the IDS software that it is today, Snort added a few things in its architecture. It currently functions as a core with plug-ins system, where its primal component (the sniffer) is the core and the other elements act as plug-ins. Continue reading “Understanding the Snort architecture”