TheCrazyStudentBlog – another web project

Alongside RomaniPrinLume i have also started another web project. It’s called TheCrazyStudentBlog and in its first phase will have information and resources for your “not so average students” .

I like this expresion – it emphasizes the difference between normal/average people/students and those who manage to do them all. Being different means getting those high grades without being a library rat. Being different means knowing that those high grade don’t count. What counts is understanding an idea. Acomplishing your goals. Being consistent. Making daily sacrifices for the greater good. And all this doesn’t mean the end of your social life. Or your sleep.

The blog covers various subjects for students including:

– management (time and money)

– fitness and health (bodyweight training, get/staying in shape as a student)

– how-to – the DIY section, where people can find out about all sort of student inventions and workarounds.

The entertaiment part won’t be missing. And no, this does not want to be a copy of CollegeHumor. This project want to create an image of the “not so average student”, to share valuable information and resources and to add a dose of humor in a students lifestyle.

Currently, its using a Swift-basic theme, but a theme is already structured for it. I will need some help with the logos and design part before i can move further with the theme. If you happen to know any good and relatively cheap design outsourcing people, leave a comment.

You can find it and get social at the following links: