Huawei EULA

I was really bored some days ago, while waiting for something. I started to randomly browse my phone and ended up in the even-more-boring legal information section. I started to look around the Huawei EULA (settings – about phone – legal information – huawei eula) really fast (is there somebody that actually read a EULA from top to bottom?) and i’ve noticed 2 things – non-personal data usage and location-based services.

huawei eula

I’m pretty sure they’re collecting data “just” for updates and to provide that superior user-service. Ha, not.

huawei eula

“Your use of any location-based service on your Huawei cell phone means that you agree that Huawei and its affiliates and licensors collect, mainatin, process, us, or transmit your location data.”

So not only Google knows where i am (or Facebook, that is) but also Huawei and all its business friends. Nice. I guess there’s no reason to panic that your phone is being tapped – so many “entities” out there know your exact location at all times – which makes phone-tapping so last century, right ?