E-12 Odense

Electronik Messe is the biggest electronic fair organized in Denmark. This year it was held in Odense, between the 11th and the13th of September. Some of our teachers needed a few students to represent Lillebaelt and organize the official stand – and yes, i was between those few.

Our stand had several student degree projects. The most interesting is the augmented reality driving system. You can physically get thrown out of the chair if you crash in the game. It almost happened to me.


Like any other big events, the are a lot of interesting companies, with interesting projects. I noticed Anritsu, a Japanese based wireless test and measurments instrument supplier. Besides the all the companies there, free food, prizes there we’re some cool hybrid cars that really got the attention of everybody, including a Tesla model:



One of my goals for this was to get in contact with some companies about an internship. Neither of us were that succesful in doing that, but we still enjoyed our stay there.

More info about this event on the Electronik Messe website. If you want more pictures, try their website or my colleagues photoalbum.