All in one PXE server

During a cool project where I was using FOG (free open-source ghost) I realized that having a PXE boot server can pose numerous advantages. I wanted a PXE boot server that included FOG and it’s capabilities along with a multitude of operating systems and utilities that can be installed / ran over the network. This can replace the need of having a X number of CDs/DVDs/USB sticks around and the best of it all, multiple PCs can be booted with the same live OS or utility at the same time. Continue reading “All in one PXE server”

Collaborative coding for beginners with Git and Eclipse

Most of my code related projects were done individually – as in , only by me. Mainly because the complexity of what I was doing wasn’t that high and the way I was doing it wasn’t the proper one. As I started bigger projects and as I began to have others collaborate with me on the same code, problems started appearing because there was no clear structure that allowed easy collaboration. To ease collaboration and make this go more smoothly we had to do some extra effort in regards to documenting what we were doing and the way we coded. Continue reading “Collaborative coding for beginners with Git and Eclipse”

What is SSH tunneling

A SSH tunnel is the SSH connection between a client and a SSH server, through which we direct our traffic. To better understand this, the diagram below illustrates it very simple. A client PC located in the US establishes a SSH connection wit SSH server located somewhere in Europe. The client PC is accessing, through an SSH tunel (green line) and directly, with no SSH tunnel (blue line). When the user has accessed through the SSH tunnel, will process the visit as it have came from the SSH server in EU, thus resulting in encountering a european IP. In the other case (blue line), the client PC is accessing as normal, processing its IP as originating from the US. Continue reading “What is SSH tunneling”

Information Security Incident Handling short course

Nowadays is almost impossible not to learn something in an easy way. Globalization of content and information (evidently through internet) has skyrocketed the learning and educational possibilities worldwide. I took advantage of this mostly through tutorials, guides and free online applications such as Codeacademy, Blogger, WordPress. Only recently (several months ago) I became aware of the MOOC phenomenom (massive open online courses). Continue reading “Information Security Incident Handling short course”

Starting out with Puppet

Puppet is an open-source automation software for IT. It can be used to control PC like you were controlling them by hand, but in an automated fashion. This is pretty useful in many scenarios, mostly for corporate environments where managing workstations and servers can be a real pain if it’s done manually, but it has its uses even in home scenarios or small businesses. Continue reading “Starting out with Puppet”

Odense Innovation Tournament 2014

I had the opportunity to participate in Odense Innovation Tournament, an international student event, part of the entrepreneurship festival in Odense. We were split into several random teams and had the task of finding and pitching an innovative concept that would be use to rebuild/use an abandoned warehouse. The concepts would be judged based on the following 4 criterias:

  • innovation – how new and innovative is the idea
  • networking – how much is the concept enabling people to network
  • international – have an “international” approach towards the concept
  • social – involving local citizens and involving social activities

Continue reading “Odense Innovation Tournament 2014”