E-mail server configuration – through trial and error

E-mail server configuration can be a pain. Spam was and still is a big problem, especially due to its volume, being almost half the size of all e-mail sent globally. Automated services, filters, reputation monitors and blacklists made it harder for spam to get across in people’s inboxes. It also made it harder for e-mail servers to be accepted as “legitimate” – which is good because it raises the quality level and hardens the requirements, but on the other side, it gives debugging issues.  Continue reading “E-mail server configuration – through trial and error”

Getting rid of spam

Everybody using a PC and the internet has a slight idea of what spam is. If not, you could check out the explanation on Webopedia. In short it is (almost) any form of unsolicited email that gets into our mailbox, generally advertising products. Spamming is a great example on how you can take advantage of the human nature. When spam is being sent it’s usually targeted for the masses – in the “male” case, a lot of this spam is intended for viagra or other similar products. Whereas in the female case, a lot of this spam is intended for breast implants and such. Not to mention financial scams, like Nigerian 419 or bank phishing, where the altruist sentiment is being triggered or just the worrying feeling that something might be wrong with you bank account gets people to hand out their credentials without even suspecting.

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