Generating monthly reports for OpenBiblio

One of the supervisors asked for a monthly report of everybody that has borrowed devices and haven’t returned them yet. You can do that manualy by going to the Reports tab and clicking on Bibliography Checkout Listing.

My plan was to figure out how to:

  • query the database so i can get the desired output
  • display/export the data into a readable format (.csv)
  • send an e-mail with an attachement
  • everything above, automated and from the command line

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How to install Eclipse with Git, Bash, PHP, Python support

Eclipse is an integrated development environment or an IDE. In other words these pieces of software are playgrounds for programmers, having all sorts of useful features such as autocomplete, searching entire projects, syntax highlighting and so on. I have been introduced to this during my Python courses.

There was a mass frustration in the first hours of Python, because everybody had to have a problem with the Eclipse and plugin installation. In this post i’m going explain how i installed Eclipse with all the plugins that i need. I usually do Python, Bash and PHP scripting. I need plugins that can provide the necesary features for each of these programming languages. I also use Github to share and version control my code. Continue reading “How to install Eclipse with Git, Bash, PHP, Python support”

My bash scripts

I’m currently running a dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 but i only use Windows for gaming purposes. Since i got in touch with Linux (almost a year ago) i wanted something automated that would install everything i want, tweak stuff, disable stuff.

Yesterday i remebered that i want this and i started on some scripts. One of my teachers said that, and i quote “bash-scripting is for masochists” and i kinda agree, but i wanted to use a linux standard tool for this. Continue reading “My bash scripts”