I think everybody knows that saying – “you are what you eat” . Well, i don’t think it’s restrictred to just what you eat, i think it’s about everything you “consume” – what you eat, read and hear molds your character and your thinking. There are many areas that interest me and i choose to “consume” materials related to those areas. Check them out below.


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Blogs and online media

Countless hours of googling didn’t only help me solve problems and make projects work – it also provided me with a lot of useful links that need keeping for further referencing. Download and check out my RSS feed collections below, in OPML format. Can be imported in Thunderbird.

  • Tech websites – big IT related blogs and websites, usually with several K visitors/day
  • Personal tech blogs – tech enthusiasts like me that post their work and curiosities online

Been there, done that

1. Technology, Security

2. Entrepreneurship, Product development, Management, Marketing

3. Personal development, spirituality, psychology