Alfa AWUS036NHR USB Wireless Adapter

I wanted to play with this for a long time, since i was looking for a good packet-injecting wireless adapter (mine can’t do that). It is probably the most recommended usb adapter for doing fun wireless stuff. Now, i finally got it! Ok, not me personally, but the school got it, but it’s almost the same for me. They got it from here , if you were wondering.

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Firefox add-ons

I’ve been using Firefox since … well i don’t know, probably since i realised that IE sucks big time (and that’s some time ago). Anyway, we all know that with web-browsing comes along a lot of irritating stuff like pop-ups and gazilions of ads. Besides that our every move on the web si being monitored by different services, which makes things more anoying for IT guys. Common internet users don’t even know or care if they are being watched or not. Continue reading “Firefox add-ons”

My bash scripts

I’m currently running a dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 but i only use Windows for gaming purposes. Since i got in touch with Linux (almost a year ago) i wanted something automated that would install everything i want, tweak stuff, disable stuff.

Yesterday i remebered that i want this and i started on some scripts. One of my teachers said that, and i quote “bash-scripting is for masochists” and i kinda agree, but i wanted to use a linux standard tool for this. Continue reading “My bash scripts”

RS485 and Python

Because i came to school 2 weeks late, (because of an extended summer vacation) i already had 2 project going and i didn’t knew what to do. In special subject 2, my coordinator teacher “suggested” (told me what to do :D) to play a bit with RS485 and make a script in Python related to that.

Here is a quick system overview:

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Wireless deauthentication

What’s it about?

I want to impersonate the gateway of a wireless network or another pc connected to the wireless network, without being connected to that network, in order to trick computers connected to it into doing what i want. First thing that i thought about was kicking them out, cloning theyr MAC and gaining access (this would be useful for networks with mac filters, radius servers etc). Continue reading “Wireless deauthentication”

OpenWRT on TP-Link TL-WR740N

As i was going back home this summer, i thought – why not do some applied networking at home? After playing with the Asus RT-N16 router and OpenWRT in 2nd semester i thought that i should buy one of the cheapest OpenWRT-comaptible routers and start networking.

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