WordPress static content generator

Lately, I’ve been really interested in generating static content. Most websites out there are based on a CMS, WordPress going for 20% of all known websites, reason why I decided that would be useful to have a WordPress static content generator. There are a lot of solutions out there for generating static content and some have an option of importing your WordPress content, but I wanted to see how this can be done. Continue reading “WordPress static content generator”

WordPress login attempts – observations and conclusions

According to some sources, WordPress  powers approximately 18.9% of all known websites. Not sure of the exact specifics and I don’t think it’s relevant to question them, but I think most people agree that a lot of websites are using WordPress. Which makes it a clear target for both mass and targeted online attacks. Given the fact that like with other software or systems, a lot of WordPress installations are poorly managed by their users from a security perspective, especially when it comes to updates and proper credentials, the ease of compromise increases attracting even more attackers. Continue reading “WordPress login attempts – observations and conclusions”

Migrating media attachements from a WordPress.Com blog

I first started blogging on a WordPress.Com hosted blog. After i bought my domain i knew that i had to move everything in an automated fashion, or else i’d kill myself. Luckily WordPress has the Export/Import features that saves a lot of time. It also imports media attachements (pictures) but not as i expected. For some strange reason, it copied some of the pictures but most of them were just linked to the old address.  Continue reading “Migrating media attachements from a WordPress.Com blog”

TheCrazyStudentBlog – another web project

Alongside RomaniPrinLume i have also started another web project. It’s called TheCrazyStudentBlog and in its first phase will have information and resources for your “not so average students” .

I like this expresion – it emphasizes the difference between normal/average people/students and those who manage to do them all. Being different means getting those high grades without being a library rat. Being different means knowing that those high grade don’t count. What counts is understanding an idea. Acomplishing your goals. Being consistent. Making daily sacrifices for the greater good. And all this doesn’t mean the end of your social life. Or your sleep. Continue reading “TheCrazyStudentBlog – another web project”