What is SSH tunneling

A SSH tunnel is the SSH connection between a client and a SSH server, through which we direct our traffic. To better understand this, the diagram below illustrates it very simple. A client PC located in the US establishes a SSH connection wit SSH server located somewhere in Europe. The client PC is accessing google.com, through an SSH tunel (green line) and directly, with no SSH tunnel (blue line). When the user has accessed google.com through the SSH tunnel, google.com will process the visit as it have came from the SSH server in EU, thus resulting in google.com encountering a european IP. In the other case (blue line), the client PC is accessing google.com as normal, google.com processing its IP as originating from the US. Continue reading “What is SSH tunneling”

Port 17500 TCP open on Windows PC

I did some nmaping on my Windows PC today, and i’ve discovered an unusual open port:

17500/tcp   open   db-lsp

Aparently port 17500 tcp is Dropbox LanSync Protocol (db-lsp); used to synchronize file catalogs between Dropbox clients on your local network. This service makes a lot of “noise” , sending broadcast messages very often. It is also a common false-positive for Snort.   Continue reading “Port 17500 TCP open on Windows PC”

What do i do after installing Windows 7

I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop again and i wanted to share some minor stuff that i always do after. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like useless (which don’t fit ones needs) stuff and usually finds a way to get rid of them. And this is not only computer related, but also in real life. For instance, why keep 15 lights on in an apartament if nobody is using them? Nevermind, let’s just see the list with all the things i disable after installing Windows 7.

Continue reading “What do i do after installing Windows 7”

Fast way to setup a Windows PC

I’ve always spent a loooot of time on installing Windows. Not only for me, but for everybody that i’ve fixed their PCs or just “cleaned” them a bit. I had to download a Windows iso file, then burn a DVD everytime (i had like over 50 Windows 7 DVDs that are all over the globe probably) and i had to waste time installing different softwares.

After some years of doing this, i’ve came up with the portable solution. It’s relying on an internet connection so the PC should have drivers that Windows 7 or 8 can recognize without any problems. If not, get the manufacturers CDs or just get them from the internet on a different PC. Continue reading “Fast way to setup a Windows PC”