How to install Snort and AcidBase GUI

I needed to install Snort and a nice GUI for it for one of my projects. I have used a virtual machine running Debian 7. I have followed some tutorials but none of helped me install everything succesfully. I ran into some weird errors but i managed to fix them.

Basically, all software needed to have a nice front-end to the IDS of choice (Snort) are:

– apache2 (webserver), php5(main backend programming language), mysql (databases), phpmyadmin (gui for databases)

– snort (what good is a front-end if we don’t have a backend), ACIDBASE (basic analysis and security engine) Continue reading “How to install Snort and AcidBase GUI”

Professional Special Subject – w1 log

As part of my current education, i have to specialise and gain more knowledge in my AP degree field, which is IT Networking with everything related – IT security, python programming, php programming, linux etc.

My subject is – Network monitoring solution for small/medium size companies.

Reason of choosing – an increase in hack attempts targeted on small/medium size company networks all over the world (see links below)

Fields and sub-fields  – IT security, IT Networking, IDS/IPS, open-source security tools Continue reading “Professional Special Subject – w1 log”