Sony Reader PRS-T3

I got a bit hyped lately about reading. I basically started reading a lot about subjects that interest me ( IT Security, personal development etc) – for more on that check my Learn section where i post details about what i read and listen to. Since carrying a lot of books with me is not my thing i decided that i should be an ebook-reader. I got into a lot of discussions about why buy an ebook reader and not a tablet, but that’s related to my requirements.   Continue reading “Sony Reader PRS-T3”

Huawei EULA

I was really bored some days ago, while waiting for something. I started to randomly browse my phone and ended up in the even-more-boring legal information section. I started to look around the Huawei EULA (settings – about phone – legal information – huawei eula) really fast (is there somebody that actually read a EULA from top to bottom?) and i’ve noticed 2 things – non-personal data usage and location-based services.

Continue reading “Huawei EULA”

How to root Huawei Ascend Y210

About a few weeks ago i mentioned that i bought a Huawei Ascend Y210, one of the cheapest Android smartphones out there. This post is about how i rooted it and how you can also do it. I tried several methods which simply didn’t work – you can read about that at the end of the post. The method that worked for me was by using Kingoapp, after running over a random forum post regarding the Y210 rooting process.

What to do before  Continue reading “How to root Huawei Ascend Y210”

Health Games Lab Administrator

I mentioned in an earlier post that i’m responsable with a laboratory at school and everything related to it – devices, cables, organizing, labeling etc. What is Health Games lab? Well, it’s lab belonging to EAL (Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt) located on Ejlskovsgade 3 in Odense, Denmark.

The original idea for “health games” came from an interesting concept that combines technology and patient rehabilitation. You can find more info on this website dedicated to Health Games, here in Denmark. Some of the schools former students made some cool stuff, including a kinect-version of PacMan. You can find a video here. Other students just used the lab and the equipment for their own projects, like i did. Continue reading “Health Games Lab Administrator”

Huawei Ascend Y210

As i mentioned in my last post, i had some battery problems with my old phone so i decided to buy a new one. I wanted something cheap, that will meet my needs:

  1. screen a little bit bigger than 240X320
  2. longer lasting battery
  3. usual smartphone-related activities – call, message, taking pictures, videos, using calendar and ocasionally browsing.

I found out that ElGiganten were having Huawei Ascend Y210 for sale, for 300dkk (~40euros). I said this has to be it. I read some review so i knew what to expect. The only thing i can complain about is the RAM issue (256mb)

Things to complain about: too little RAM (256mb) which makes a lot of apps hang but not for long. After quiting an app like Gmail or Youtube it usually needs several seconds to load up all the items on screen. Facebook and Skype won’t even run on it.

Things to be happy about: it meets my above-mentioned requirements, battery lasts for 5 days on normal usage (no wifi) and the screen gives me a totally different sensation than my last phone.

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Swollen smartphone battery

My Samsung Galaxy Y started acting really weird in the last weeks. It suddenly shuts off without any good reason, even when battery was almost full. I googled it really quick and the first 2 explications/solutions were:

– battery is damaged, get a new one

– it just needs a factory reset

I was completely sure that something happened to the battery, but i wasn’t expecting this (a swollen smartphone battery). When i opened the case to give it a look, i’m seeing that the battery has a new shape. A swollen-rounded shape. Wtf? Now i understand everything. Because of the new shape, it didn’t fit properly in the back so it was always moving. Besides that, it was clearly damaged and reasons for this are: Continue reading “Swollen smartphone battery”