Facilitating a creative process

Me and my product development team have been working on optimizing Procomforts products for a while now. More specifically, we have been working on making a smart-wheelchair system that will solve the problems that patients are facing with regular wheelchairs and which will also integrate some of the companies requirements. You can read more about on the project blog.

Today we had the opportunity of having other students (studying in IT electronics) work for the same products, under our guidance. It mostly resembled what we did at the Scanamenities workshop, but only this time we were supervisor and not participants. Continue reading “Facilitating a creative process”

An interesting way of involving students in educational “upgrade”

Today was a bit different. We had a round-up with the guys from the Automotive Engineering department for some brainstorming sessions and fictive interviewing that had the purpose of generating some input for one of the educations “upgrading” projects. In other words, they have involved us (by getting some suggestions, wishlists, requirments) in an original way. Continue reading “An interesting way of involving students in educational “upgrade””

Company crawl in Svendborg

I’m really impressed with EAL and SDU , these days, as they’re organizing all kind of interesting events. One of them was the “company crawl” in Svendborg, a small town 30 km distance from Odense. The plan was to visit 3 companies, have a presentation from them about the way they are doing product development, take company tours, get some advice on how to structure our CV and the way we approach a company (job/internship posibilities) and last but not least, a town visit. Continue reading “Company crawl in Svendborg”

Raspberry Pi and 3G connectivity from TDC Denmark

I’m doing the network prototyping for my Product Development group project and the plan is to establish 3G connectivity on the RaspberryPi. I’m using a 3G USB Dongle from TDC, the primary ISP in Denmark. The model for the USB is E3131-s2 from Huwaei. Apparently all E3131 models are the same, with a small difference in supported operating frequencies. For the S2 model, it’s limited to 2100/900MHz, as we can see on the producers pageContinue reading “Raspberry Pi and 3G connectivity from TDC Denmark”

Scanamenities workshop

Yesterday we had a one day workshop, where we had the task of generating some concepts for the 3rd generation of soap dispensers from Scanamenities, danish based hotel amenities supplier. Their goals is to approach the US market and become world leader in the field of hotel amenities. According to their founder, they are currently in the top 5 in this above mentioned market. Continue reading “Scanamenities workshop”

Understanding the Snort architecture

Snort first started as a packet sniffer. Another common example of a packet sniffer is tcpdump, or its graphical big brother Wireshark. In order to evolve into the IDS software that it is today, Snort added a few things in its architecture. It currently functions as a core with plug-ins system, where its primal component (the sniffer) is the core and the other elements act as plug-ins. Continue reading “Understanding the Snort architecture”

Professional Special Subject – w5 log

This week i’ve understood that an out of the box deployment is never what you want. Especially for an NSM solution. Tunning Snort accordingly to your needs is the key to a succesfull deployment and to stopping attackers.

I’ve managed to place a SmoothSec running machine in a class, attached to a switch that will mirror all the traffic to it. The reason for this is to see how is it managing with traffic coming from more than 1-2 PCs and what kind of alerts does it generate. It is also a good testing ground for new rules. The following network diagram shows the system and how can i connect to the monitoring server. Continue reading “Professional Special Subject – w5 log”