My internship – thoughts and retrospective

In the 4th semester of my AP degree programme, we were all required to find a company where we could have our internship. I wasn’t sure what i really wanted (as always) so i decided that any IT related company can be good. It turned out good and i have been accepted by a small web development company, based in Bucharest, Romania, called End Soft Design. Be sure to check them out at  Continue reading “My internship – thoughts and retrospective”

Fake AP and real statistics with OpenWRT

My networking teacher said that it would be cool to turn one of the routers that we have been playing with (Asus RT-N16) into an AP so that the class would connect to it instead of the schools network nearest AP.

Why do that? So we can see who is accesing what, get some statistics on that and probably to make a “wall-of-shame” where we could write the students usernames and passwords.

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GPS Wardriving

I remember my first time doing wardriving (not that long ago). I only used my laptop and my mothers car. Of course i did everything manually, like writing down every AP and MACs and so on.

Since we got some new “toys” here at school, my networking teacher dared me to do some wardriving using a bluetooth GPS and an external wireless adapter. See my last 2 posts for info on them.

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RS485 and Python

Because i came to school 2 weeks late, (because of an extended summer vacation) i already had 2 project going and i didn’t knew what to do. In special subject 2, my coordinator teacher “suggested” (told me what to do :D) to play a bit with RS485 and make a script in Python related to that.

Here is a quick system overview:

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E-12 Odense

Electronik Messe is the biggest electronic fair organized in Denmark. This year it was held in Odense, between the 11th and the13th of September. Some of our teachers needed a few students to represent Lillebaelt and organize the official stand – and yes, i was between those few. Continue reading “E-12 Odense”

Wireless deauthentication

What’s it about?

I want to impersonate the gateway of a wireless network or another pc connected to the wireless network, without being connected to that network, in order to trick computers connected to it into doing what i want. First thing that i thought about was kicking them out, cloning theyr MAC and gaining access (this would be useful for networks with mac filters, radius servers etc). Continue reading “Wireless deauthentication”