Hospital Wifi security review

I managed to land in Denmarks second largest hospital, the Odense University Hospital (refered as OUH in danish). Since i’ve been informed that i will have to stay here for several days, i began to accomodate myself (networking wise as in doing my first wifi security review). There is only one free network available for patient/guest access, and several other for staff usage. Most users wouldn’t be interested in the deeper information about the networks, but i was so i started digging a bit into it. Brace yourself, it’s a long one. Continue reading “Hospital Wifi security review”

Networking-student photo session

I was approached by a student doing her internship for the school. She’s doing a booklet that will describe “A day in the life of a Computer science and IT Technology student”. And yes, you guessed it, i’m going to be the (not so) average IT Tech student. The photos have been taken in the Juniper (former Cisco) lab down at Ejlskovsgade 3, Odense. The pictures look like i’m straight advertising for Juniper, but that shouldn’t bother anybody. Continue reading “Networking-student photo session”

A new iphone app – Never-Bored

Some friends that are taking their bachelor degree in Web development have started the year strong with an Iphone app. It’s not a school project, it’s just something for themselves. I found the idea interesting, so that’s the reason for this post.

I have never been an Apple fan.I have always prefered Android phones over Iphones. I could have used an Iphone to be one of the first beta-testers of the app but they’ve handled that already.  Continue reading “A new iphone app – Never-Bored”