TheCrazyStudentBlog – another web project

Alongside RomaniPrinLume i have also started another web project. It’s called TheCrazyStudentBlog and in its first phase will have information and resources for your “not so average students” .

I like this expresion – it emphasizes the difference between normal/average people/students and those who manage to do them all. Being different means getting those high grades without being a library rat. Being different means knowing that those high grade don’t count. What counts is understanding an idea. Acomplishing your goals. Being consistent. Making daily sacrifices for the greater good. And all this doesn’t mean the end of your social life. Or your sleep. Continue reading “TheCrazyStudentBlog – another web project”

A new iphone app – Never-Bored

Some friends that are taking their bachelor degree in Web development have started the year strong with an Iphone app. It’s not a school project, it’s just something for themselves. I found the idea interesting, so that’s the reason for this post.

I have never been an Apple fan.I have always prefered Android phones over Iphones. I could have used an Iphone to be one of the first beta-testers of the app but they’ve handled that already.  Continue reading “A new iphone app – Never-Bored”