Facilitating a creative process

Me and my product development team have been working on optimizing Procomforts products for a while now. More specifically, we have been working on making a smart-wheelchair system that will solve the problems that patients are facing with regular wheelchairs and which will also integrate some of the companies requirements. You can read more about on the project blog.

Today we had the opportunity of having other students (studying in IT electronics) work for the same products, under our guidance. It mostly resembled what we did at the Scanamenities workshop, but only this time we were supervisor and not participants. Continue reading “Facilitating a creative process”

Scanamenities workshop

Yesterday we had a one day workshop, where we had the task of generating some concepts for the 3rd generation of soap dispensers from Scanamenities, danish based hotel amenities supplier. Their goals is to approach the US market and become world leader in the field of hotel amenities. According to their founder, they are currently in the top 5 in this above mentioned market. Continue reading “Scanamenities workshop”

Pimp the Elevator – an innovation exercise

Teachers here at the faculty prepared a small exercise for us that will also be used in the upcoming “Empower to the people” event. The idea was to “pimp” the elevator so that people coming to the event will actually “feel”/see that the elevator is taking them to a FabLab, by modifying it as we please (except to tamper with the wiring and elevator mechanics). Continue reading “Pimp the Elevator – an innovation exercise”