Generating monthly reports for OpenBiblio

One of the supervisors asked for a monthly report of everybody that has borrowed devices and haven’t returned them yet. You can do that manualy by going to the Reports tab and clicking on Bibliography Checkout Listing.

My plan was to figure out how to:

  • query the database so i can get the desired output
  • display/export the data into a readable format (.csv)
  • send an e-mail with an attachement
  • everything above, automated and from the command line

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Weekly database backup (compressed and encrypted)

I had the task of doing regular database backup on a server here at school and i needed some automatization. And encryption, of course, because there is a lot of info in database dumps including usernames and md5 hashed passwords and we don’t want that just laying around. That means that we have to leave phpmyadmin and do some command line stuff.

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OpenBiblio blurred barcodes

I’ve mentioned that i’ve set up the schools library using OpenBiblio. Everything was working, barcodes were printed, but their quality was questionable. (the text and barcodes were blurred – as in like the printer was shaking when it was printing)

We were sure that the printer is capable of doing a good job , as it did before. When i was generating reports using Firefox as a browser, the PDF would be opened within the browser where i would print it. The resulting print was with the blurred lines. When i was generating reports using Chromium as a browser, the PDF would be downloaded – so i would print directly from the file, but i got a total different result, as you can see in the picture: Continue reading “OpenBiblio blurred barcodes”

Health Games Lab Administrator

I mentioned in an earlier post that i’m responsable with a laboratory at school and everything related to it – devices, cables, organizing, labeling etc. What is Health Games lab? Well, it’s lab belonging to EAL (Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt) located on Ejlskovsgade 3 in Odense, Denmark.

The original idea for “health games” came from an interesting concept that combines technology and patient rehabilitation. You can find more info on this website dedicated to Health Games, here in Denmark. Some of the schools former students made some cool stuff, including a kinect-version of PacMan. You can find a video here. Other students just used the lab and the equipment for their own projects, like i did. Continue reading “Health Games Lab Administrator”

Setting up a school library with OpenBiblio

I’m hanging a lot at a school laboratory, called the Health Games Lab, where there are a lot of networking devices, servers, cables and anything you can imagine for a technical school. I talked with some people from the school and i’m responsable for all the devices in here in terms of inventory, organizing, labeling and everything related to it.

This was done before, but all the work from then was lost and i have to redo it. The software of choice, suggested by a teacher, is OpenBiblio. OpenBiblio is an open-source automated library system written in PHP.

I was pretty amazed when i found that there are country-based communities that use OpenBiblio. Continue reading “Setting up a school library with OpenBiblio”