Odense Innovation Tournament 2014

I had the opportunity to participate in Odense Innovation Tournament, an international student event, part of the entrepreneurship festival in Odense. We were split into several random teams and had the task of finding and pitching an innovative concept that would be use to rebuild/use an abandoned warehouse. The concepts would be judged based on the following 4 criterias:

  • innovation – how new and innovative is the idea
  • networking – how much is the concept enabling people to network
  • international – have an “international” approach towards the concept
  • social – involving local citizens and involving social activities

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Company crawl in Svendborg

I’m really impressed with EAL and SDU , these days, as they’re organizing all kind of interesting events. One of them was the “company crawl” in Svendborg, a small town 30 km distance from Odense. The plan was to visit 3 companies, have a presentation from them about the way they are doing product development, take company tours, get some advice on how to structure our CV and the way we approach a company (job/internship posibilities) and last but not least, a town visit. Continue reading “Company crawl in Svendborg”

Meet Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund Skype Co-founder

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in an event where Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Skype, were the main “attraction”. Very inspiring guys and a very interesting event. At least for their part, which lasted one hour. The rest of the event was held in danish. Didn’t expected it, but it’s kinda understandable since it was an event for students in Odense – which most are danish (doh). Continue reading “Meet Sir Richard Branson and Morten Lund Skype Co-founder”

Empower to the people, a FabLab event

I’m going to an event at our school on the 9th of December 2013.

Invited will be people from FabLabs all over Denmark (there are 13) a professor from MIT and the director of FabLab Barcelona. And let’s not forget free breakfast.

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